Overview Of Apps That Tracks Your Dreams And Nightmares

Almost everyone today owns a cellular phone, most of which will be smart phones. These phones will allow you to add what are called applications they are designed to provide you with conveniences that were once only available on PCs. They are like small computers that are capable of performing many different tasks.

If you have been experiencing vivid dreams, or even frightening nightmares, there are apps that will help you track the ones that you are experiencing. Let’s go over what these apps will actually do, and why these can be beneficial if you are currently experiencing constant dreams and nightmares.

How Can These Apps Help You With Your Dreams And Nightmares

Most people that tried to write down there dreams often have a journal at the bedside. Others may have a tape recorder, usually one that is digital, that will allow them to record what has happened. Dreams are often very hard to remember. Unless you have been doing this for many years, you will probably only remember bits and pieces of the ones that you have. Emotions play a large role in how well you can recall your dreams, and that’s why many people often more vividly remember their nightmares. Instead of using a digital recorder, or writing your dreams and nightmares down, there is a faster way to get this done. By using your smart phone, and apps that can help you track your nightmares and dreams, you can become much more consistent in doing so. Not only will these apps allow you to record your dreams in a dream journal, but they can also help you remember your dreams and nightmares more vividly.

How The Alarm Clock Feature Can Help You Remember Your Dreams And Nightmares

If you use an alarm clock, one that will abruptly wake you up, this is the worst strategy you can use if you want to remember your dreams. Those that have studied dreams, lucid dreams, and even out of body experiences, understand that sequential alarms are a much better choice. It will begin with a gradual escalating tone, along with the vibration settings on your phone to wake you up. As it increases, you will be able to remain in what some referred to as the in between, a halfway point between your conscious mind and your subconscious. Some will also refer to this as a hypnotic state, one that can only be maintained if you are both aware of the dream or nightmare, and also the fact that you are in your bed. This allows the information from your subconscious to transfer to the conscious mind, allowing you to subsequently speak into your phone to journal your experience.

Advanced Features On Applications For Dreams And Nightmares

On top of allowing you to record your dreams and nightmares in a sequential form, you can collaborate with others. This simply means that you can change the settings to share your experiences in the subconscious realm with others that have the same app. This may also be linked to a mainframe where all of the application users are doing the same. This is a great way to enhance our awareness of what many of us are dreaming about, adding to the large amount of information about the world of dreams and nightmares.

Similar to apps and devices that will record things like your daily exercise activities, dream and nightmare apps are doing something similar. Your ability to record experiences that happen at night, and share them with the world, is really no different than what you will get with a smartwatch. The main difference is that all of this information can be collectively analyzed, helping those that are studying the effects of dreams on the populace. If you would like to participate with this type of app, or simply have one that can help you remember your dreams and nightmares, it is highly recommended that you download one to your smart phone.