Arlington, WA - October 26, 2010 - In response to a Rick Larsen press release accusing John Koster of being OK with the Air Force Tanker Being Built "Somewhere Else", John Koster released the following statement:

"In his desperation to hold onto his job, Rick Larsen continues to look for ways to misconstrue my position on the issues," said John Koster. "In his latest effort, Larsen says that I'm okay with sending the Air Force Tanker project outside of the 2nd Congressional District. This could not be farther from the truth. My commitment to bringing the Tanker contract to Boeing right here in Washington State has never been in question," Koster continued.

"My main concern has always been that we could potentially lose the deal to Europe's Airbus, not Northrop Grumman, and that the ridiculous scenario of sending the U.S Air Force Tanker contract outside of the United States would become a reality."

"Let's not forget that it is Rick Larsen and Nancy Pelosi who have created the worst business climate in U.S. history. It is Rick Larsen and Nancy Pelosi who have strapped Boeing workers with increased health care costs via the ill-conceived ObamaCare legislation, and taken 500 billion out of Medicare to the detriment of our senior citizens."

"It is Rick Larsen and Nancy Pelosi who continue to promote the radical, job killing Cap & Trade legislation which will force even more American industries overseas. It is Rick Larsen and Nancy Pelosi who have sent tens of thousands of American jobs to China already through the disastrous stimulus packages, which have served the Chinese well, while overwhelming an entire generation of Americans with unconscionable debt. "



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