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We live in the most dangerous time for the American Republic since World War II. Our federal government has fallen into the hands of a President and Congress who are taking us into uncharted economic waters with incomprehensible spending and unconscionable deficits.
Our founding document, The Declaration of Independence, states that the purpose of government is the protection of our God-given unalienable rights, which include, but are not necessarily limited to, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The primary legitimate function of the Federal government is national security. I believe in a strong military that is well funded and second to none.

Terrorists and terrorism must be dealt with swiftly and severely. It is unacceptable that terrorists be given Miranda rights and tried in civilian courts.

George Washington warned about foreign alliances, interventions and entanglements. That was good advice to safeguard our national security and we should always consider it carefully. A foreign intervention is justified when it legitimately protects our national interests and security.

I stand behind our veterans. In 2004, I authored and sponsored the “Support our Troops Week” resolution which called on county employees to voluntarily share accrued vacation leave with reserves called to active duty. I spearheaded efforts to expand the county’s veteran’s assistance program. Additionally, I sponsored a resolution and led the charge against discrimination in employment of spouses of active military personnel.

Victory in our efforts to combat terrorism will be achieved due to our national resolve put into action by the courageous men and women in the armed forces of the United States.

The American farmer is fully capable of feeding this nation. Excessive governmental regulation and micro-management threatens this capability. Farmers must be left free to innovate and produce without unnecessary and intrusive regulations.

As a third-generation dairy farmer, I know how the death tax infringes on the ability of farmers to pass on their family businesses to younger generations and has led to complete liquidation of agricultural assets accumulated through lifetimes of hard work just so farm families can pay the IRS. This tax burden undermines American farmers and our ability to feed ourselves. Protecting our farms is critical to our national security.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to keep and bear arms. Our founders stated in many different ways that an armed citizenry is the best defense against crime and tyranny. I will not support any legislation that seeks to undermine the right to keep and bear arms.

I believe in the free market and free enterprise. Excessive regulation and taxation suppresses the private sector's ability to create wealth. Our economy works best when our citizens are allowed to keep the fruits of their own labor. With lower taxes, businesses have more money to invest and create jobs.

I have been a fiscal hawk in the State Legislature and County Council, opposing bigger government, higher taxes and wasteful spending. Excessive tax rates result in decreased revenue. That’s why I have pledged to vote against any new or increased tax, and against increases in the regulatory burden on business.

We must stop handicapping American companies through one-sided international trade agreements that favor foreign companies.

Our thriving economy requires energy, and plenty of it. This includes oil, coal, nuclear, and hydroelectric systems. Alternative energy sources like wind, solar and bio fuels should be encouraged. We should continue to utilize our abundant and affordable fuel sources until free market technology and innovation provide realistic and affordable solutions to our energy needs.

I have grave concerns with the staggering costs of Cap-and-Trade regulations and their potential to cripple our struggling economy.

Reasonable safety regulation for the use and extraction of energy resources is appropriate for the benefit of both the workers and the public. Likewise reasonable environmental regulation is appropriate. But the perfect must not become the enemy of the good, and regulation must not be allowed to stifle or shut down the U.S. economy.

Our dependence on foreign oil is both unnecessary and unwise, and seriously undermines our national security. We need to drill for oil on American lands - and do it now. This will simultaneously defund our enemies and put Americans to work. We have huge oil deposits and the proper technology to extract oil responsibly.

The Obama administration and the “progressives” in Congress have driven the government's debt and deficits beyond imaginable levels. They have broken every rule of sound economic policy. Left unchecked, their policies lead to an imminent fiscal meltdown.

We cannot “stimulate” our economy by spending more than we’re taking in. History and common sense both instruct us that we cannot spend our way out of debt. The most recent bailouts and stimulus packages are a failure. We are courting long term economic devastation and potentially enslaving our children and grandchildren to pay the debt.

Our founders warned against a “welfare state” where the government undertakes to provide for every person from the cradle to grave. I look forward to opportunities to reduce or eliminate bureaucracy, curtail government growth and spending, and demand efficiency in spending.

Ronald Reagan said it best when he remarked: “The closest thing to eternity is a government program.” In 1960 there were about 100 government agencies. Today, there are well over 1,200. Giving back control and power to the states and local level governments – along with the money – is what I will work for.

Another government program won’t fix health care. Only free market policies that increase competition and individual choice will achieve greater efficiency and affordability for all Americans.

A recent poll of Americans shows that 63% are opposed to a federal health care mandate and they strongly oppose any government bureaucracy putting itself between patient and doctor.

I will support addressing the issues of portability, tort reform, pre-existing conditions, tax credits for insurance premiums for individuals, and the expansion of Health Savings Account programs (which currently allow Americans to save a limited amount of pre-tax money for medical expenses). I will fight for free market solutions that increase choice and accessibility.

We are a nation of immigrants. The debate and problems we have today are not about legal immigration, but illegal immigration. The debate is also a matter of national security. We must secure our borders. We are a nation of laws; therefore, we first need to enforce our existing immigration laws. I will oppose efforts to provide amnesty for illegal aliens.

Second, we need to revamp and reinstitute our “guest worker program” that offers temporary visas for those wishing to come from other countries to work as seasonal workers. Washington’s farmers have a need for seasonal agriculture workers. However, any guest worker program should never provide a fraudulent cover for those seeking to flout our immigration laws.

My 100% pro-life voting record is a testament to the commitment I have to the culture of life. Our Declaration of Independence states that our unalienable rights include “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” and “That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men.” Therefore, it is the express job of government to protect all innocent human life.
I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. To undermine the family is to undermine the very cornerstone of our society.

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