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Larsen Lies

Arlington, WA - October 26, 2010 - In response to a Rick Larsen press release accusing John Koster of being OK with the Air Force Tanker Being Built "Somewhere Else", John Koster released the following statement:

"In his desperation to hold onto his job, Rick Larsen continues to look for ways to misconstrue my position on the issues," said John Koster. "In his latest effort, Larsen says that I'm okay with sending the Air Force Tanker project outside of the 2nd Congressional District. This could not be farther from the truth. My commitment to bringing the Tanker contract to Boeing right here in Washington State has never been in question," Koster continued.


It has been quite a week. With John Koster campaigning at a furious pace, the race to the Nov. 2 finish line is on!
Our polling data suggests that Rick Larsen's incessant lying to senior citizens, scaring them about Social Security and Medicare, is having some effect (causing the race to tighten even more!) so please continue to help us get the word out to as many senior citizens as possible - that Rick's lies, while ignored by the press, are simply not true.

Speaking of the press, by now you may have heard the left-wing media spin that John Koster "pulled out" of a televised debate this week. Let me clarify that John Koster will indeed debate Rick Larsen this week on TV, it simply will not happen at one of the forums where a notorious liberal editorialist with an attitude, masquerading as a reporter, was scheduled to appear at the debate as one of the "objective" questioners.

It is quite apparent that we found a real sore spot as lefty press flacks far and wide swung into action to denounce Koster for "pulling out of the event," and to defend the so-called objectivity of one of their own. In truth, we asked the TV station to find a different questioner, we were turned down - and THEY canceled the debate.

Please read between the lines when you hear or read the bilge coming out of certain quarters! And be encouraged, we are going to win!




Larsen Says He Has No Plan of His Own to Fix the Problem

Bellingham, WA - October 8, 2010 - This morning, on the "The Morning Show with Joe and Patti" on KGMI-AM, incumbent congressman Rick Larsen admitted that his opponent, John Koster, has never said that he wants to "privatize" social security.

Rick Larsen said: "Although he has never said the word privatization...when Republicans say personal retirement accounts, they mean privatization."

Instead of going by what he knows is true, Congressman Larsen has decided to embellish what John Koster's position is on social security in an effort to hide his horrible record on jobs, spending, taxes, and healthcare.

Congressman Larsen is also highly hypocritical in his attack, because ten years ago, Congressman Larsen and John Koster had similar positions on the issue of personal retirement accounts in social security. In 2000, Larsen supported the Hyde Park Declaration.  One of the goals of the Hyde Park Declaration was to create Retirement Savings Accounts, the same thing he is criticizing John Koster for supporting.

Congressman Larsen also fielded a question from a caller regarding his plan for social security. Rick Larsen said:"The solutions can be many or few. I don't have the silver bullet on this, I will admit that."

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Arlington, WA - September 8, 2010 - Those who watched the Koster/Larsen debate on KING TV 5 Up Front over the Labor Day weekend or read Rick Larsen's Sept. 3 press release, were witness to yet another dishonest attack on John Koster. This time, Larsen (employing the same tactic as other congressional tax and spenders) intentionally misrepresents the language of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and the meaning behind it.

During the KING 5 debate and in his press release, Larsen accuses Koster of signing a pledge to give tax breaks to companies who send jobs overseas. In truth, the pledge that Koster signed was authored by an organization (Americans for Taxpayer Reform) dedicated to protecting the American people from tax hikes. By signing the pledge, candidates and elected officials put their no-new-taxes rhetoric in writing.  

"Anyone that reads the language of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge will plainly see that the purpose of signing is to oppose efforts to raise taxes," said Koster. "Rick knows this yet he continues to mislead those who still listen to him, Koster continued. "While I find Larsen's misrepresentations during this campaign to be disturbing at best, equally so are his comments equating lower taxes with "sending American jobs overseas."  

"Unlike Rick Larsen, I have pledged to the people of Washington that I won't reach into their pockets to pay for more government spending. If Larsen wants to have a debate on the wisdom of raising taxes during the most devastating recession in generations, I'm happy to have it. By attacking my promise to cut taxes, cut spending, and get the country back on track, Larsen is telling voters that he's planning to do the exact opposite - and drive the country further down the road to bankruptcy."

Link to FACTCHECK.ORG to learn more about false attacks on those who sign the anti-tax pledge

Link here to watch the entire Koster/Larsen debate featured during the second half of the KING 5 Up Front segment  Initiative 1053: Making it tougher to raise taxes Watch host Robert Mak hold Rick Larsen accountable during the "fact check" at the conclusion of the 20 minute program.

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Arlington, WA - August 23, 2010 -  While the local media establishment (with the exception of the Seattle Times) largely ignored the issue or found Rick Larsen's "shenanigans" acceptable, FOX news' Jason Lewis is holding Larsen accountable:

Koster, who won the Republican primary on Tuesday said in a prior news release:

"For this kind of trash to surface this early in the campaign, one has to wonder just how deep Rick Larsen will sink to retain power. Rick has not only insulted me, but an important constituency of solid citizens in the 2nd Congressional District.  We would demand an apology from Larsen if we didn't believe it would fall on deaf ears. Larsen lost his common sense several years ago when he became a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi.  Now it appears he has lost his civility as well."
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