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October 3, 2011

ARLINGTON, WA -The Koster for Congress campaign has reported an impressive $154,000 raised thus far in John Koster's bid to increase the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

 "Closing the books on the third quarter FEC reporting period validates my decision to make another run for Congress," said John Koster.  "The September 30 FEC report is a gauge of how well a campaign is doing-in the first quarter since announcing my candidacy, we have experienced a groundswell of support that has helped us put over $106,000 in the bank.

KosterWhatcomThe critical Federal Election Commission third quarter contribution report shows Koster's campaign is a full six months ahead of the 2010 campaign-Koster entered that race just ten months before the election and was outspent by the incumbent Rep. Rick Larsen by two to one.  Despite those handicaps, Koster ultimately raised an impressive $1.1 million and came within a narrow margin of unseating Larsen.

Koster's early announcement for the 2012 election has allowed the campaign to capitalize on the broad grassroots support that was the backbone of the 2010 election.  According to the report to be filed with the FEC, the vast majority of Koster's financial support comes from individuals in Washington State.  He has received contributions from 542 individuals-an astounding 98.5% of which are Washington State residents, and 453 are contributors of $100 or less.

"My fundraising report sends a strong signal that voters are tired of the business-as-usual politics that have pushed this country to the brink; voters want leaders who understand how to create the jobs that will get our country's economy back on track," said Koster.  "People like Rick Larsen who think tax increases will cure the recession are the same ones who believe another drink will cure their hangover."

John Koster is a third generation dairy farmer from Snohomish County.  He and his wife Vicki have been married for forty years and have four grown children. He serves on the Snohomish County Council and is the current President of the Washington State Association of Counties.

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