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January 30, 2012 - John Koster today expressed his gratitude to his two Republican primary opponents for their service to our country and their selfless decision to forgo their campaigns for Congress.   

"Greg Anders and James Watkins are great American patriots", said Koster. "Both of these men made a difficult, but honorable, decision to pull out of the race for the 1st Congressional district. I am grateful to them because now we will not have a protracted, expensive primary campaign. Republicans, Independents and conservative Democrats in the 1st district can unite behind my candidacy." 

John Koster thanks James Watkins for endorsement at Roanoke Conference

Anders from Bellingham and Watkins from Redmond both decided late last week not to challenge Koster for the Republican nomination for the 1st Congressional district. Both were formidable candidates with experience, knowledge, and a correct vision for our nation. Watkins has agreed to serve as Koster's King County Chairman.

"With the primary field now cleared, I will focus on my positive message of more innovation, more jobs, less taxes and less government interference", said Koster, a Snohomish County Councilman.  

Koster, who declared his candidacy last summer, has already received donations from more than 800 people, and has built a formidable volunteer list.   

"I am humbled by the support from so many, and I intend to work harder than anyone to win the election in November", said Koster.

Six Democrats are still in the race for the 1st district. The Democrat primary will likely be divisive. Political observers believe the Democrats in the race will move as far left as possible in their anti-jobs, anti- business rhetoric.

"I look forward to hearing the Democrat candidates explain why, in the face of high energy prices and high unemployment, the Obama administration is shutting down the Keystone XL project and with it, tens of thousands of family wage jobs", said Koster.

"I look forward to hearing the Democrats defend the leader of their party for imposing an enormously expensive and unpopular government run healthcare plan on all Americans, while saddling us and our posterity with unconscionable deficits and debt".

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