News Press Releases Koster Pledges to Keep Our Nation's Promise to Seniors

Exposes Culprits who have Raided and Gutted Retirement Programs  

Everett, WA - Flanked by a group of senior citizens concerned with the future and stability of Medicare, Congressional Candidate John Koster (R-WA 01) today signed a witnessed pledge reasserting legal promises made to our nation's seniors who rightfully make use of retirement health-care programs because they paid into it.   Medicare Pledge

"Today, I pledge (CLICK HERE to see video) to work to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare.

"I will oppose efforts to cut or change our promises to Americans over the age of 55, except in cases when benefits are increased. The reforms that must be explored will focus on much younger workers, who ought to have assurances that the Federal Government cannot raid these accounts to cover other government spending priorities.

"I am committed to the senior citizens in my district. Sadly, my opponent cannot say the same thing. In fact, she supports the allegedly Affordable Care Act (Obama-care) that gutted $716 billion from Medicare.

"Democrats essentially excluded seniors from the policy debate when they passed Obama-care into law. Never again should any representative in congress say, 'We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it'. (Speaker Pelosi)

"I pledge that through this process, and after I am elected, thatI will make every effort to have an on-going dialogue and conduct open forums with the citizens of this district."

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